Time After Time

Here is my cover of Eva Cassidy’s – Time after Time. It is a quick recording i did as i love this song so much! Such a lovely song, and Eva’s version is just beautiful. ill get round to recording it properly with a video one day soon!

Say Something

Here is my cover of ‘say something’ by A Big New World ft. Christina Aguleria.  I really enjoyed recreating this cover, its such a great ballad with heartfelt lyrics! I hope you enjoy.

Afterglow - Wilkinson

We have tried something new with the video so hopefully you will all like it (fingers crossed)

I would like to give credit to www.jakehenshall.com for providing the time lapse’s in the video and helping me edit it all, Thankyou!
Also to AlanKarlPhotogtaphy for providing the lighting equipment.

Two Black Cadillacs - Carrie Underwood

Hope you enjoy my cover of one of my favourite songs off carrie’s new album!

SORRY! I have only just realised the video starts to lag out halfway through, unfortunately there isn’t much i am able to do right now! Hope this doesn’t have a huge affect on the video for you guys!

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